The Domino Midwives have provided a maternity service in Wellington since 1990. The group was formed in 1989 with the aim to provide continuity of care from the same midwife through pregnancy, birth and postnatally. Pilot funding for this scheme was granted and we began in March 1990.

The word Domino is derived from Domiciliary midwife - working inside and outside the hospital (DOMINO). In 1993 we registered as company (Wellington Midwifery Service Domino Ltd). In 2003 we became a partnership (Domino Midwifery Wellington).

In August 1990 the Nurses Amendment Act was passed allowing women to choose a midwife to provide all their maternity care, and giving access to the maternity benefit for all midwives who wanted to work in this way.

Since late 1990 we have been offering women the choice of all their care with a midwife. We find this care leads to excellent results both in terms of satisfaction and birth outcomes for women and their babies.

Communication problems are avoided and the midwife-woman partnership is enhanced. We refer to specialists as required or desired.