Choosing A Midwife

It is important that you choose a midwife with whom you can develop a good relationship.

For those women seeking a midwife for the first time, contact is with the group coordinator. You can choose your midwife or we will allocate depending on workloads. If you would like to meet the midwives before making a decision we have monthly coffee mornings on the third Tuesday of the month. You are welcome to come along and meet us all.

If you would like to change your midwife at any time it is important that you feel free to do this. Talk to your midwife or contact one of the other Domino midwives on the paging system. A change can be made within the group if appropriate or possible, otherwise an alternative midwife/agency will be sought.

Choosing A Lead Maternity Carer

One of the requirements of the maternity system is that you choose a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC). If you choose a Domino midwife, she will be responsible for the budget for your care. If you decide to see an alternative practitioner during this time for maternity services, you will need to check with your Domino midwife first if you intend the visit to be funded out of the maternity budget.

You will be asked to provide information to register with the Maternity & Midwifery Provider Service Organisation (MMPO) and to sign a certificate agreeing to your midwife being your Lead Maternity Carer.

All maternity care (apart from scan fee) is provided without cost to you. Specialist and diagnostic services will be available to you as required.