Thank you for your care and support over the past 8 months - from baby Katherine's family - Wellington.

Thank you to Victoria, Lico and baby Stella for sharing this photo Thank you so much for all your help and support over the last 10 months. Especially Theresa - for our antenatal and postnatal care, Fiona M and Annie for the wonderful support on the big day(s), Ginny for being our back-up midwife and Zoe for the acupuncture! You've all been fantastic! We look forward to next time!! :) - from baby Abigail's family - Wellington.

Thoughtfulness like yours is appreciated more than words can say. Thank you very much for looking after me. All your help was much appreciated. - from a Mum in Wellington.

To the Domino Team - you really live on the edge you guys. I felt completely safe in your hands all the way. Its right out there beyond words, and the memory is sealing itself up, but D's birth was the wildest and best experience of my life. Thank you so much for leading me through the dark night Ginny - I'll never forget those stairs! Godde is definitely female! Much aroha and respect to you all. You rock! - from baby D's family - Wellington.

Dear Annie, Kathryn, Fiona, Rose, Fiona and all the Domino Team - Many thanks for looking after A and I so well and for all your wonderful care and support. With love and best wishes.... from A's family - Wellington.

Dear Kathryn, Annie and Rose - Thank you so much for being amazing midwives throughout my pregnancy, birth and aftercare. We really appreciated the advice and friendship - from a Wellington family.

Dear Annie and Kathryn - Thank you for your visits while Liz was away. We really appreciated your advice and support. Merry Christmas! - from Jack's family - Wellington.

Dear Annie, Fiona W, Fiona M, Liz and the Dominos Team - Thanks again for all your support and expertise for the pregnancy, birth and afterwards. I hope you all get a lovely break over Christmas and we get some nice weather! Love and best wishes .... from baby G's family - Wellington.

Dear Fiona W and Ginny - THANK YOU! Thank you so much for all your support during this amazing time of our lives. I'm glad I was lucky enough to have met you both and you'll always have a special place in our hearts. Thanks again love .... from baby Eva's family - Wellington.

Dear Zoe - Thank you for all your help on the safe arrival of Lucia. Your support and encouragement during the labour was fantastic - it really helped keep me going! Thank you once again for all your help in bringing her safely in to the world - from baby Lucia's family - Wellington.

Dear Annie, Fiona and Suzie - Thank you for all your help and support during my pregnancy, the birth and the support after A's arrival. you are all lovely midwives and it was a pleasure to get to know you all. Love from baby A's family - Wellington.

Dear Fiona W, Ginny and Zoe - Thank you for everything!! - baby L's family - Wellington.

Birth Stories

Some birth stories will be posted soon.....